May 2, 2016

Pro-Tech Low Profile Angle Sno Pusher- Snow Pusher for clearing snow underneath parked trailers and other obstacles

pro-tech low profile sno pusher

Pro-Tech customer Steve Wagner of Wagner Landscaping provided us with this footage of his company using their Low Profile Angle Sno Pusher.  Clearing snow from underneath obstacles like parked trailers can be difficult without the proper equipment.  The Low Profile Angle Sno Pusher’s offset design allows for 6′ of reach under obstacles and the blades’ 30 degree angle windrows snow to the side.  For those really low obstacles the Sno Pusher’s 30″ height easily provides enough clearance to get into those really hard to clean areas.  Steve Wagner is one of many customers who have been very pleased with the Sno Pusher’s performance:

“We have done the snow management at this warehouse for three seasons.  This past winter we added the Pro-Tech Low Profile Angle Sno Pusher to our fleet just to cut down on our cleaning time under trailers.  After using it the first storm we not only cleaned under trailers at an extremely fast rate, but we used it for all roadways in the complex and cut our equipment and labor usage by more than 50%.”

The Low Profile Angle model comes standard with a 10 year warranty.

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