May 9, 2016

Having Trouble Removing Hard Pack Snow or Clearing those Hard to Reach Places? Here Are 3 Great Tools You Need to Consider.

Heavy snow is one of the few things in life that can invoke either despair or excitement depending on who you are. Winter weather may cause misery for civilians, but snow removal contractors know that it’s time to make some money. New York City alone spends tens of millions every year to clear its snow, and snow removal can mean big business if you offer high-quality service to your customers.

But before you make a cent, you need to invest in the right equipment. Anyone who’s had to remove hard pack snow for instance knows that it can be stubborn, but snow removal doesn’t have to be a struggle. A great artist is nothing without his paintbrush, and you might as well pack it in for the winter if you don’t plan on using the right equipment, such as a Pro-Tech Sno Pusher. Here are three incredible tools that will help you remove snow in a variety of circumstances:

Steel Edge Sno Pusher. Heavy duty snow pushers have seen great advances in the past several years, but none has been more influential than Pro-Tech’s Steel Edge Sno Pusher. The Steel Edge Sno Pusher is specially designed for removing hard pack snow, even on irregular surfaces. And the best part? This pusher has no stacking or speed limitations to slow you down. An additional perk is the use of a simple but effective poly-urethane trip hinge, which eliminates complicated metal springs and components, giving customers more time in the snow, not in the shop.

Foldout Sno Pusher. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a cop in the rear view mirror when you’re travelling site-to-site. Some cops are too cold and annoyed in the winter to issue an oversized-load citation, but some will be quick to ticket you if your plow is considered too large for the road. The Foldout Sno Pusher easily collapses to a street-legal 8’6’’ and is ideal for clearing properties with obstacles such as gates, bollards, and narrow wall passages.

V Plow Sno Pusher. The V plow is highly recommended for corporate campuses and buildings with sidewalks that are used in the winter. It’s classic “V” shape cleanly windrows snow off of essential pathways, keeping pedestrians safe. The V Plow Sno Pusher comes in four different sizes and has a universal quick coupler for easy installation and use.

Winter weather in North America is more than just a persistent hassle every year, it can be dangerous. As such, it’s essential that snow removal contractors be properly equipped. Invest in these three great tools to keep your customers safe and happy next winter.