June 22, 2016

Pro-Tech Pullback Sno Pusher now includes new containment feature

pro-tech pullback sno pusher


  • Pullback Sno Pusher now comes with bolt-on containment plate
  • Plate offers more containment when pulling snow away from walls and parking spaces.
  • Older model Pullback Sno Pushers can be retro-fitted with this new feature

ROCHESTER, NY (June 8, 2016) – Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution, Inc. is now offering a new containment feature on their Pullback Sno Pusher.  The new containment plate will allow customers to contain more snow when operating the Sno Pusher in its pull-back position.  The additional containment still provides plenty of visibility for operators and can be especially beneficial when dealing with snow drifts that accumulate against buildings, in parking spaces, and loading docks.

The containment plate comes in two bolt-on sections and can be easily removed if needed.  Customers can also order and retrofit this new feature onto their older model Pullback Sno Pushers.   In addition, customers who order Pullback Kits to change their Rubber Edge Sno Pusher to a Pullback Sno Pusher will also receive the new containment plate.

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About Pro-Tech Sno Pushers

Pro-Tech is North America’s leader in containment and multi-use plows.  The company’s first snow removal product, the Pro-Tech Sno Pusher, helped to revolutionize the way that snow and ice is commercially managed.  Over twenty years later that innovation continues with products that are known for their durability, availability, and competitive pricing.  With more than 65 models across Pro-Tech’s Sno Pusher, Turf Pusher, and additional product lines, customers can choose from a variety of attachments that will help them tackle many different surface conditions and applications.  Next time winter gets angry, take a stand with Pro-Tech and find out why so many snow professionals use our products to service their properties.


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