May 8, 2017

NEW PRODUCT: The Compact Wheel Loader Sno Pusher

Compact Wheel Loader Snow Pusher


In 2017, Pro-Tech customers will be able to purchase a rubber edge snow pusher specifically designed for a compact wheel loader.  The Compact Wheel Loader Sno Pusher features a reinforced quick coupler that uses a unique compact wheel loader chassis that is built with the strength to be used with more powerful equipment.  This new Sno Pusher will be available in 8′, 10′, and 12′ sizes to meet a wide variety of property sizes and compact wheel loader types.

The Compact Wheel Loader Sno Pusher is designed based on Pro-Tech’s Rubber Edge Sno Pusher product line, which has been the most popular containment plow in the industry for over 20 years.  The Sno Pusher uses a high quality 1.5″ x 10″ adjustable rubber cutting edge, which can clear a variety of snow types.  The Sno Pusher also features diamond gussets, which provide additional reinforcement of the sideplates.

Visit our Rubber Edge Sno Pusher page for more information including pricing.