June 5, 2017

Sno Pusher Wear Shoe Options

Sno Pusher Wear Shoe Options

In this video we discuss the different options available to customers for the wear shoes/skis on their Pro-Tech Sno Pusher. For more information on the wear shoes available for your Sno Pusher please visit https://snopusher.com/parts/.

Standard Wear Shoe
Abrasion and impact resist and through-hardened, which allows for consistent wear over the entire life of the show.

Super Duty Shoe
Painted blue and made from the same bullet-proof material used in armored cars. Nearly double the Brinell rating of our already very durable standard shoes.

Poly(UHMW) Shoe
Polycarbonate padded shoe, which is ideal for surfaces too sensitive for steel shoes. Great for parking garage membranes, pavers, etc.

Extended/Self Leveling Shoe
Designed to keep Sno Pusher level to the plowing surface. Will help to prolong cutting edge and shoe life.