August 21, 2017

New Pro-Tech Campaign Highlights the Snow Pusher That Started It All

Rubber Edge Sno Pusher

25 Years Ago The Rubber Edge Sno Pusher Changed Commercial Snow Removal

 This fall Pro-Tech will be launching a new marketing campaign highlighting the Rubber Edge Sno Pusher, the company’s staple product that was launched from a small fabrication shop nearly 25 years ago.  While containment plows had existed before Pro-Tech, the company was the first to really perfect the concept.  Offering a containment plow that was consistent in its quality, performance, and availability, the Sno Pusher became widely adopted by commercial snow removal companies across the country.  Almost 25 years later the Rubber Edge Sno Pusher is still the most widely used containment plow in North America.

Pro-Tech also offers a variety of other containment plows both rubber edged and steel edged but thought this would be a great opportunity to get back to basics and make sure people know the influence that this one product had and continues to has on the industry.  “Next year we will be celebrating a quarter century of this product,” says Jered Shuknecht, Pro-Tech marketing director.  “We are very proud of this product’s legacy and thought it would be a perfect time to remind people why so many companies decided to use it on their properties.”

Pro-Tech will be running a number of advertisements throughout the rest of the year with each one highlighting a different aspect of the Rubber Edge Sno Pusher.  The campaign will also feature a promotional video showing the early beginnings of the company and how the Rubber Edge Sno Pusher helped Pro-Tech evolve in the company it is today.  Interested parties can visit the campaign’s landing page, where they can find out more about the Rubber Edge Sno Pusher, build their own Sno Pusher, and request a quote from their local dealer.