September 13, 2017

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Steel Edge Sno Pusher Over The Competition

steel edge sno pusher


Top 5 Reasons To Use The Steel Edge Sno Pusher Over The Competition


The use of steel edge containment plows throughout the industry continues to increase, mostly because of the desire for improved surface outcome.  Customers have a multitude of options when choosing the best steel edge containment plow for their company.  Pro-Tech’s Steel Edge Sno Pusher offers a plow that is simple but effective, extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance.


#1.  Minimal Moving Parts – The Steel Edge Sno Pusher is designed using minimal moving parts; an innovative poly-urethane trip hinge, all which results in decreased maintenance requirements and shop time.  No uncecessary bells and whistles here.


#2  Extremely Durable – Pro-Tech has a reputation for quality products second to none.  Our Steel Edge Sno Pusher is constructed using premium structural steel channel and fully welded seams.


#3  Lower Retail Price – You won’t need to break the bank to own a Steel Edge Sno Pusher.  The retail price and overall cost of ownership is significantly lower than many other steel edge plows.


#4  10 Year Warranty – Pro-Tech offers customers the best warranty in the industry.  Many of our customers even go well past our 10 year warranty and are still using their Sno Pusher twenty years later!


#5  Pro-Tech Customer Service – 95% of customers rated Pro-Tech’s service as “excellent”.  Visit to find out more about the Steel Edge Sno Pusher or click here to find your nearest dealer.