November 29, 2017

Extend the Life of Your Snow Pusher’s Rubber Cutting Edge


  • Pro-Tech’s rubber cutting edges are made of high quality pure rubber compounds
  • The rubber cutting edge can be flipped and reversed giving the customer 4 leading edges that can be used for clearing snow
  • The back edge of the rubber cutting edge should hang below an 1/8″ to a 1/4″ below the bottom of the wear shoe.  Any lower could potentially rip or tear the edge and limit its effectiveness.

Pro-Tech has a reputation for producing snow pushers and snow plows of the highest quality.  That even includes the wear parts we offer customers.  The cutting edges that come with our rubber edged snow pusher models are made of pure rubber compounds that are certified for tensile strength, elongation, tear, heat aging, compression, ozone resistance, low temperature resistance, and abrasion resistance.  Basically, our rubber edges are awesome.

Customers can get the most out of their snow pusher cutting edge by making sure it is set in the correct position. A common mistake made by customers is setting the cutting edge too low.  Many believe this will improve the snow pusher’s performance but it can actually result in poor performance and even rip or tear the edge.  For optimal performance the back edge of the rubber cutting edge should hang between an 1/8″ and a 1/4″ below the bottom of the wear shoe.  To make these adjustments consult your owner’s guide or for full replacement watch this video.

Rubber Edge Set Too Low

It is also important to remember that your rubber cutting edge can be flipped and reversed.  This change, which can be done before each season, only takes 20-30 minutes and can save you money in the long run.  The slots in the rubber cutting edge allow you to adjust the edge as it wears to maintain the correct position.

Rubber Edge With Adjustable Slots

Please contact your local dealer or Pro-Tech if you have any questions about how to get the most use out of your Sno Pusher.  As always, we appreciate your business.