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Average annual snowfall: 92″
Sno Pusher type: 12 ft rubber edged pusher, 20 ft. Loader Pusher, 10 ft. Skid steer pusher
Equipment: 1 Skidsteers, 2 Loaders, 1 rubber edged


This is a case study of a small excavating firm based in Geneva, NY. J. Horning Excavating recently began using Pro-Tech Sno Pushers as an alternative to other pushers. After having rented non Pro-Tech pushers for a few years they made the decision to begin purchasing Pro-Tech products. They now own a Pro-Tech 12 ft rubber edged pusher, (2) 20 ft. Loader Pushers and (1) 10 ft. Skid steer pusher. This study examines the differences between the quality and efficiency of Pro-Tech and other snow pushing products. It hopes to demonstrate the quality created by the exhaustive and continual research and development performed by Pro-tech in their effort to bring you the longest lasting and most efficient snow pushers on the market.

J. Horning Excavating was founded as an excavating firm and began snow removal operations several years ago. They employ 7 people in their snow removal operations who handle 10 small sites and 3 large commercial sites. Their snow removal equipment (2) wheel loaders with 3.5yd buckets, (1) Case 580 Super L backhoe, (1) John Deere 260 Skid Steer, (2) plow equipped trucks, and hand Blowers for a sidewalk crew. They own (1) Pro-Tech 12 ft backhoe pusher (SP12B), (2) 20 ft loader pushers, (1) 10 ft skid steer pusher.

The site analyzed in this study is an 8 acre parking lot at a Wegmans brand grocery store. It is a fairly easy lot to plow as it has almost no islands, light posts or other obstructions. The only difficulty is that all of the snow from the loading docks in the back of the store needs to be moved around the building in the front to two specific corners of the parking lot. The site is typically empty during plowing events which allows for easy removal of the unpacked snow. Average annual snowfall for Geneva is 92” spread over 30 snowfall events. The snow covers the full range of snow types from heavy slush at the beginning and end of the season to light powder at mid-season.


Before: J. Horning Excavating has been handling the Wegmans lot since the winter 2004-2005. In their first two years they used rented non Pro-Tech 12’ pushers with steel edges mounted on a Case 580 Super L backhoe. Utilizing this equipment in a 3” snow fall event it would take 1 man 3.5 hours to clear the site. They used standard pushing techniques combined with cleanup to cover what the pusher left behind. The pushers steel cutting edge failed to remove all snow from the surface cleanly and it was often necessary to bring in a pickup truck to finish the job.

After: For the 2006-2007 season, J. Horning purchased a 12’ Backhoe Pro-Tech Sno Pusher for use on this lot.
Utilizing the same procedure and under the same 3” conditions the company is able to clear the lot in only 3 hours to finish clearing. In addition to the time savings, Pro-Tech’s moldboard curved at a better angle allowing more snow to roll forward and be pushed. The rubber edge also had the ability to follow the contours of the ground more closely than the steel edge, allowing the Sno Pusher to remove almost all of the snow from the surface eliminating the need for cleanup work and reducing the risk of clip and fall accidents. This represented a 14% reduction in man hours.


    • A 12’ Backhoe Pro-Tech Sno Pusher is able to reduce man hours 14% on the same lot in 3” conditions over a competitive pusher.
    • A 12’ Backhoe Pro-Tech Sno Pusher cleared a 3” snowfall at a rate of 116,160 sq.ft/hr on a 8 acre lot.
    • A 12’ Backhoe Pro-Tech Sno Pusher achieved a production rate of 7.5min/in/acre
    • Pro-Tech’s Pushers allow for a reduction in equipment costs as the containment plow does not need to cleanup assistance from a pick up truck.

“I have been very happy with the rubber edge”
“Maintenance free”

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