Winter Services INC


Average annual snowfall: 49″
Sno Pusher type: 8′ Pro-Tech Sno Pusher, 10′ Pro-Tech Sno Pusher, 16′ Pro-Tech Sno Pusher, 18′ Pro-Tech Sno Pushers
Equipment: 40 Pushers

This is a case study involving a large sized snow removal firm based in Milwaukee, WI. Winter Services Inc. (WSI) is a snow only firm that owns more than 40 Pro-Tech Sno Pushers in 8, 10, 16, and 18 foot lengths which they have been using to handle their commercial snow removal contracts. This study demonstrates the efficiency and profitability that can come from choosing Pro-Tech Sno Pushers in place of truck plows to handle snow removal applications in contained parking areas. Pushers are ideally suited to areas where traditional windrowing only shifts the snow rather then moving it off site such as parking lots, runways, ramps and large industrial sites. Sno Pushers are superior in these types of sites as they allow them to be completely cleared of snow far faster and cleaner then traditional plowing methods.

WSI is an experienced firm with over 30 years in the snow removal field. In recent seasons they have employed as many 100 people in their snow removal operations. With their vast experience, WSI has been able to develop and experiment with different snow removal strategies and equipment to determine the best mix to gain the most efficiency when handling their 200+ commercial contracts. They have a large fleet of equipment which includes: Wheel Loaders, Skid Steers, Top Kick Dump Trucks, Standard Pickup Trucks, and ATVs. They equip their trucks and ATVs with straight 2 way plows and their Loaders and Skid Steers with (40) Pro-Tech rubber edged pushers in sizes ranging from 8- 18 ft.

The site analyzed in this study is a 2.5 acre parking deck. It has structural joints crossing its long axis. It is a relatively easy lot to plow as it has minimal obstructions and is usually empty when being fully plowed. The main difficulty with the lot is that the structural joints can be damaged if a plow is run along the long axis of the garage. This means that operators are restricted to many short runs to pile snow at one side and a single long run to move all of the piled snow to the stacking location. Milwaukee receives about 49” of snow annually spread over 15-20 plowable events. In addition, there are another 10-15 ice events each season. The snow runs the full gamut of conditions from wet and heavy to dry and light with an average fall of about 3”. Milwaukee also typically receives (1) major 12+” snow fall a year.


Before: WSI has been contracting for snow removal on this site for 4 years. In their first year they utilized (2) pickup trucks equipped with two way straight plows. They initially windrowed the site along its long axis until concerns about the structural joints in the structure forced them to plow along the short axis. Windrowing with this method became a tedious process employing both trucks and operators for 3 hours in a typical 3” snow fall. This brought the total to 6 man and equipment hours.

After: For the past 3 seasons WSI has been plowing the site using a skid steer equipped with an 8 ft. Skid Steer Sno Pusher. The site is with still plowed along the short axis with the accumulated snow being moved in one long sweep along the long axis. This process takes the single operator 2.5 hours in a typical 3” snow fall. This is a 58% reduction in man hours. This does not include the added benefit of being able to use the trucks and equipment on other sites where they are better suited to the application.


  • One 8’ Skidsteer Sno Pusher decreased man hours by 58% over two standard truck plows.
  • An 8’ Skidsteer Sno Pusher cut the number of equipment and employees needed on the job in half.
  • On a 3” snowfall, the 8’ Skidsteer Sno Pusher cleared 43,560 sq. ft./hr.
  • For a 3” snowfall the 8’ Skidsteer Sno Pusher was able to achieve production rates of 20 min/in/acre
  • The Sno Pushers paid for themselves in the first 2 seasons.

“Pushers handle bigger parking lots more efficiently”
“Using the Pro-Tech Sno Pushers allows us to run an efficient operation”
“It is a low maintenance product.”

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