April 22, 2019

Snow Plow Companies Receive Recognition

Snow Plow Companies

Pro-Tech’s Sno Fighters contest receives submissions from over 150 snow removal companies

Every winter, cities and towns across North America rely on snow plow companies to keep their communities moving.  It’s often a thankless job and requires long hours, hard work, and the ability to think quickly behind a steering wheel.  Pro-Tech has a nickname for these snow plow companies: Sno Fighters.  For the past several winters, our team has worked hard to recognize Sno Fighters and the important role they play when snow arrives.

Snow Plow Companies

The annual Sno Fighters contest runs for the entire winter.  Snow plow companies from across North America are encouraged to share pictures and videos on social media of how they “humble Mother Nature” with their snow plowing efforts.  Each Sno Fighter that participates receives a gift from Pro-Tech.  Past gifts have been hot-cold mugs, Pop Sockets, decals, winter hats, and work gloves.  Each week, Pro-Tech announces a Sno Fighter of the Week and rewards that customer with a special trophy, recognizing their work and the pictures/video that they submitted.

This year, Pro-Tech changed the contest slightly, not only highlighting Sno Fighters but also crowning a Snow Removal Company of the Year.  The lucky winner received a massive trophy and some free press in industry publications.

The Participants

This past season Pro-Tech saw over 150 companies participate in the Sno Fighters contest.  Snow plow companies from the United States and Canada submitted pictures and videos of their Pro-Tech loader, backhoe, and skid steer snow pushers and snow plows taking on winter storms.  Pro-Tech also accepts submissions from non-customers.

Here are some highlights from this year’s submissions:

snow plow companies
@jlabrecquevt and their track machine with Pullback Sno Pusher

Core Parker and his Pro Cleats skid steer snow tires

Back drag snow pusher
@josephfaustenterprisesllc and his new Pullback Sno Pusher

sectional snow pusher
Fusion Edge Sno Pusher – Loader Model

Sno Fighter Compilation

Pro-Tech compiled a list of all participants for the  2019-20 winter season.  Check it out below:

There Can Only Be One

While many snow plow companies submitted content this season, only one could be named Snow Removal Company of the Year.  Jared Jones from Agri Applications, LLC in Newville, PA is this year’s winner.  Jared currently owns two Pro-Tech Foldout Sno Pushers that are equipped with hydraulics.  Both snow pushers are used on twin Fendt 1038 agricultural tractors.  “The tractors paired with the Foldout Sno Pushers allow us to plow snow at multiple locations instead of just being stuck on one job site,” says Jared.


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More details on the contest can be found on snofighters.com


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