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Custom Sno Pusher Options


Pro-Tech has a skilled team of engineers, designers and fabricators that can work with you to design and manufacture custom Sno Pushers. Pro-Tech will work directly with you to fulfill any of your custom snow removal needs.  Marketing Director, Jered Shuknecht, discusses the different options available for customers: Connection Pro-Tech can fabricate a number of […]

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Turf Pusher Featured on Professional Football Field

Pro-Tech was recently given the opportunity to conduct a photoshoot highlighting the Turf Pusher on a customer’s artificial turf playing field.  The customer happened to be a professional football team and one of the many that have decided to use the Turf Pusher. The Turf Pusher, is the the first containment plow designed for removing snow safely […]

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Compact Sno Pusher: Perfect for Small Properties and Agricultural Settings


  The Pro-Tech Compact Sno Pusher allows homeowners, farms, and other rural businesses to easily clear snow from their properties.  The Sno Pusher contains more snow than the average bucket and the extruded rubber cutting edge is of the highest quality and can be used on multiple surface types, including gravel. The Sno Pusher has […]

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Steel Edge Sno Pusher: Simple. Durable. Tough-as-nails


The all-new Steel Edge Sno Pusher has only been around for several winter seasons but is quickly gaining popularity as a containment plow that is simple, durable, and tough-as-nails. In addition, the Steel Edge Sno Pusher offers lower cost of ownership than many of the other steel-edge offerings on the market. The Steel Edge Sno […]

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Pro-Tech Sno Basket – Easily Load and Transport Snow


The Sno Basket is a light weight bucket that allows for easy hauling of snow.  The slots on the bucket allow customers to  compress and collect the maximum amount of snow while also allowing water to escape when moving slushy snow.  The Sno Basket provides much greater capacity than a standard bucket  and is built […]

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Pullback Sno Pusher – NEW FEATURE FOR 2016-17


The Pullback Sno Pusher now comes with an additional containment guard, which allows customers to contain more snow when in the “pullback” position.  The guard can also be purchased separately for those customers that have older Pullback models. The Pullback Sno Pusher relieves the challenges and frustrations of clearing snow from hard-to-reach places.  This versatile […]

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Pro-Tech Turf Pusher Now Available for Bobcat and Polaris UTV’s


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Highlights The Turf Pusher can now be ordered with couplers for Bobcat and Polaris UTV’s The Turf Pusher is the first containment plow designed to clear snow from turf sports fields There is no additional charge for this new coupler Pro-Tech is seeing an increased demand for attachments that can be used […]

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Pro-Tech Pullback Sno Pusher now includes new containment feature


Highlights Pullback Sno Pusher now comes with bolt-on containment plate Plate offers more containment when pulling snow away from walls and parking spaces. Older model Pullback Sno Pushers can be retro-fitted with this new feature ROCHESTER, NY (June 8, 2016) – Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution, Inc. is now offering a new containment feature on their […]

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